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Dam Beavers

by ELK Studios

Lovers of both beavers and the Collect R mechanic are in luck. ELK Studios are back with Dam Beavers, an expanding game-area slot with enough features to burst a dam. Like most beavers, this game’s highly volatile and it also has multiple levels and an intriguing max win of 10,000x.

Slot information

RTP: 94.00%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 10,000x stake
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Category: Grid slots
Theme: Animal
Release Date: 5th Dec 2023

Our rating

“ Dam Beavers ticks all the right boxes ”

4.2 out of 5

Win potential

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Dam Beavers hasn't been released yet, but we expect it to be available at the following UK slot sites on 5th December. Get ahead of the game and sign up now - you might even get some free spins to play Dam Beavers when it does arrive!

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Dam Beavers Screenshots

Dam Beavers Features

The game’s setting is a bird’s eye view of a cartoon beaver’s living room. The gaming grid starts off at 5x5, but this is just the top level, or the lowest, depending how you look at it. Provided you land on the right symbol, the floorboards will give way, allowing you to drop to the next and bigger level. 

There are 3 other floors/levels in total, with grids of 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8 respectively. There are 4 different beaver characters, too, coloured blue, green, orange and red and they move up, down, left and right on the board. The colours of these beavers correspond to those of the different fruit pay symbols they can collect. 

These pay symbols can be collected by the beavers when said fruits are within a distance of one position. The pay symbols’ standard values are only 0.05x to 0.1x the bet, but they can be upgraded. Players can potentially win 5x to 50x the bet if they manage to get the symbol value high enough.

Feature Meter and Feature Cards

One of this game’s main selling points is its features. First of all, if you look above the game area, you’ll see the Feature Meter, which tallies the number of Wilds and fruits collected. To the right of the meter, there are the Feature Cards. You start off with only one turned over. To see the next card and trigger its hidden feature, you have to fill the Feature Meter and the game area. 

What might these Feature Cards reveal? Well, there’s the Wild Scatter, which serves to replace a random number of symbols with Wilds. Then there’s the Refresh symbol, which replaces all the symbols on the grid with new symbols. And then there’s the Symbol Swap feature. When this is triggered, two symbols swap positions on the grid, potentially giving one of your beavers another opportunity to pig out on pay symbols. 

Feature Symbols

Not only are there Feature Metres and Feature Cards but also Feature symbols! These appear on the grid and are activated when collected by a beaver. The Firework symbol upgrades the value of the beaver and thus its corresponding pay symbols. The Passages symbol allows a beaver to move to another position or even swap positions with another beaver. 

Wilds function as you would imagine—they substitute for any standard fruit pay symbol. The Blender symbol fills the Feature Metre, and the Breaking Points symbol allows players to progress to the next level, and it upgrades all pay symbols by 1 level. 

The TNT blows up floorboards, thereby potentially revealing that level’s hidden symbols, some of which are coin symbols. These function as instant cash symbols and are collected upon being fully revealed. In fact, that’s how players pocket the max win by removing all the floorboards/tiles on the last level.

Beaver Night Fever & Free Spins

If you succeed in removing all the floorboards from a level, the Beaver Night Fever mini-bonus is triggered. When play finishes on whichever level you’re on, all the symbols on the grid drop out and are replaced by new, upgraded symbols.

If the beavers manage to collect 3 Pie Scatter symbols, players are awarded 5 free spins to be used on that level. If 3 more Scatters are collected during the free spins round, 5 more free spins are awarded. Effectively, there’s no limit to how many free spins you can win.

Players outside the UK should be able to benefit from ELK Studios’ X-iter feature. 3x the bet gives you 4x the chance of triggering the bonus round. 10x the bet lets you have a spin on level 2. 25x the bet lets you do the same but on level 3. 100x the bet gives you immediate access to the bonus round, and 500x also initiates the bonus round but on level 3.

Dam Beavers - Feature Meter and Feature Cards

Feature Meter and Feature Cards

Fill the Feature Meter to reveal the contents of the Feature Cards. These include replacing normal symbols with Wilds, swapping symbol positions on the grid and even refreshing all the symbols on the grid.

Dam Beavers - Feature Symbols

Feature Symbols

Your four beaver pals don’t just spend their time munching on fruit pay symbols. If the right symbol lands, they might swap positions, fill the Feature Meter, move you to the next level, upgrade the value of the pay symbols or even blow up floorboards to reveal the game’s hidden symbols.

Dam Beavers - Free Spins

Free Spins

If one of your beavers eats 3 Pie Scatter symbols, you’ll be awarded 5 free spins on whichever level you’re on. If one of these greedy rodents eats another 3 pies, you’ll get another 5 free spins, and so on, and so on…

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Dam Beavers Review

ELK Studios sure knows how to keep slot enthusiasts coming back for more—it’s all about variety. Well, Dam Beavers boasts a variety of levels, grid sizes and features, including a wide range of Feature Cards and Feature Symbols. 


The music, sound effects and visuals are probably the slot’s weakest point, but that’s only because they’re overshadowed by the superb gameplay. That being said, the game’s design does go a long way toward simplifying what could have otherwise been a convoluted mess. 

Game Play

As mentioned above, the gameplay is outstanding. When I was reading the game’s instructions, I feared I’d soon get lost after spinning. That wasn’t the case, though and the features were highly engaging and not at all overwhelming. Loads of fun.

Win Potential

A max win of 10,000x is okay, but the high volatility and RTP of just 94% do let the game down somewhat. However, it's not all about the stats and once you're playing, you soon forget about the slightly tight RTP.

My Verdict

Dam Beavers is perfect for seasoned slot enthusiasts and will keep you occupied for quite a while. There are loads of features and the game’s overall design keeps you coming back for more. 

Paul Clare
Reviewed by Paul Clare Last updated on

Paul spent plenty of time in arcades up and down the UK discovering all of the best fruit machines and watching them grow into the incredible online slots we see today. He still loves the basic format but also has a soft spot for games with big bonus rounds that progress as you play. Immortal Romance is one of his favourite slots of all time.

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Play Dam Beavers

Dam Beavers hasn't been released yet, but we expect it to be available at the following fully licenced slot sites on 5th December. Get ahead of the game and sign up now - you might even get some free spins to play Dam Beavers when it does arrive!

These UK slots sites have been thoroughly audited and vetted by us to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best variation of online slots in their portfolio including games from ELK Studios:-

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