Pearl Harbor

by Nolimit City

Known as one of the most brutal casualties in US history, Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack by the Japanese during the Second World War. Trust Nolimit City to turn a dark time in history into a fun and engaging slot.

Simply known as Pearl Harbor, this grid slot plays on 7-reels with 7-rows and delivers massive wins of up to 41,127x the stake. Like most Nolimit City slots, this one is overflowing with features from bonus rounds to special xMechanics.

Slot information

RTP: 96.06%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 41,127x stake
Reels: 7x7
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Category: Grid slots
Themes: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 7th Dec 2022

Our rating

“ Relive the brutal past and gain some big wins in the process! ”

4.1 out of 5

Win potential

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Pearl Harbor Screenshots

Pearl Harbor Features

Like most other Nolimit City slots, Pearl Harbor is absolutely overflowing with features. Firstly, there are giant symbols in this slot (similar to Gigablox) which can be sized 2x2 or 3x3. When these land, the active area expands. These symbols can also be split like many other symbols.

At any moment, target symbols can land on the reels. When this happens, the active area expands to include targets which transform into wilds.


Yes, xSplit mechanics are back in this slot and will land with a samurai sword and split all symbols in the direction of this sword. xSplit symbols often have between 1 to 2 swords. If an xSplit symbol dives another, then it will gain another sword with its own turn.

This game also has an xBomb Wild Multiplier with xBombs exploding within the active area when they land, blowing away up to 10 symbols. If xBombs are split, then these will get a x2 multiplier for the first split and double after each additional split.

Another xMechanic in this slot is xBet Banzai which is manually selected by the player. This increases the stake by 50% to guarantee at least one scatter in the active area.

Bonus Rounds

The first bonus round that can be triggered is Dogfight. This can be triggered by landing 3 scatters. 3 spins are awarded inside a cockpit and dials spin to reveal x and + multipliers or nothing. If you land multipliers, then the spin counter is reset.

When the round ends, if there are active x multipliers, then these are converted to + multipliers. If you fill up a column of dials, then a Dogfight Attack will be triggered.

From this moment, all multipliers are activated and awarded if the plane is hit. If all 18 dials are filled, then a Kamikaze Attack is launched with a multiplier from a wheel with 10 possibilities.

When you happen to land 4 scatter symbols, you'll trigger Tora! Tora! Tora! This bonus round plays the same as Dogfight but with additional features such as:

Pearl Harbor - xMechanics


In this slot, there are only 3 xMechanics throughout. The first is the xSplit which splits up symbols and works well with the xBomb Wild which blows up symbols and can even gain multipliers after being split. The final mechanic is xBet Banzai which increases the bet and guarantees a scatter.

Pearl Harbor - Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus rounds within this slot with Dogfight and Kamikaze Attack which can be triggered by landing 3 and 4 scatters respectively. Both are respin bonus rounds but the Kamikaze Attack contains extra bonuses such as Midway Pop and Bomb Drop which work to add in extra multipliers.

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Pearl Harbor Review

If you hadn't noticed by now, Nolimit City is not afraid to remember the darkest moments of history such as the case with Little Bighorn and Remember Gulag. Pearl Harbor is the next event to get the Nolimit City treatment.

Inspired by the real events that unfolded on December 7th 1941, when Japan led a surprise attack against the neutral United States. Interestingly, Nolimit City is taking a different perspective with this slot and focusing on the Japanese soldiers instead.

Another shock is that this is the second grid slot from Nolimit City. Instead of paylines, the game is set on a grid of 7x7 with wins made up through clusters. What is not a surprise is the sheer amount of features on offer from xMechanics to multiple bonus rounds.


The first thing that caught our eye with this slot is that the designs of the humans and the overall world does look a little grainy. However, it's unknown if this is intended to go with the graphic novel style that the slot seems to be putting forward.

Throughout gameplay, you'll find yourself in a jet of some type with a view of Pearl Harbor in the distance. There are flames and destroyed ships everywhere which does feel a little tasteless, but that's Nolimit City for you. They are unafraid to push boundaries and you can't help but respect them for it.

On the reels, there are various Japanese soldiers as well as American ones too. Another cool detail is that lower-paying symbols are different Japanese symbols that look stylised in Hiragana. Similarly, the music has a very oriental theme with different chimes and bells paired with a sinister beat that tells you this is not your average slot.


The best Nolimit City slots are the ones that are easy to play but still have charm. For the most part, Pearl Harbor just feels too complicated on paper with all the different mechanics and potential things that can happen.

However, once you get into the gameplay, it's not as bad as it seems. There are still loads going on but it does play out just like any other slot. You'll find wilds, multipliers and bonus rounds which are pretty easy to understand once you've triggered them.

Despite this, if you are new to Nolimit City, then we'd perhaps recommend playing something just a little easier such as Karen Maneater or Punk Toilet.

Win Potential

The RTP range for this slot varies between 92.01% to 96.06%. Now, if you happen to fall in the 96.06%, then you are in for a great time. However, if your version of the slot falls into the lower category, then make sure this is the game that you want to play. We generally recommend an RTP of 96% or above for a decent return on your money.

As for the win potential, it wouldn't be a Nolimit City slot without a massive payout of up to 41,127x the stake. We're not sure what this number means but knowing Nolimit City it's something dark. What we do care about is that it's a huge amount that will please high rollers and we expect you'll be able to achieve this big amount through the bonus rounds.

Our Verdict

Pearl Harbor certainly lives up to our expectations for a Nolimit City slot. We expected crazy and complicated features that will baffle most players but the hardened Nolimit City fans will be delighted.

Ultimately, Pearl Harbor is a fantastic slot from Nolimit City that easily surpasses most other online slots but it is not the best one from the creative team. However, if you are looking for an explosive slot all about the warriors from the 'Land of the Rising Sun', then Pearl Harbor is worth a spin.

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What is Pearl Habor?

It may shock some players but Pearl Harbor is actually a real event that happened in history. During the Second World War, tensions were high across the world. On December 7th, the United States was a neutral country at the time. However, by the end of the day, this fact would change.

An American base was attacked by Japan the very same day. This was a complete surprise and was originally intended to force the USA out of the World War. This was not the result though.

At 7:48am, an American base in Honolulu was attacked by 353 Imperial Japanese aircraft including fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. According to official statistics, 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 were wounded.

This led to Japan declaring war on the United States and the British Empire. Evidently, this led to Germany and Italy declaring war on the US officially bringing them into the fold.

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