Red flags to look out for when choosing a slot site

Red flags to look out for when choosing a slot site
Simon Wooldridge
by Simon Wooldridge Last updated:

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to slot sites. There’s a lot of competition out there, with sites of all shapes and sizes vying for your attention. Whilst a wide choice is generally a good thing, how can you be sure which is the best slot site to play at?

Not every slot site is reputable or safe. Some may look genuine at first glance, but there are some red flags you need to be aware of when choosing which slot site is right for you.

By knowing what to look out for, you will get the best possible chance of a great iGaming experience.

Not licensed in the UK

This is important. If a slot site isn’t licensed in the UK, don’t go near it. As a UK player – and this is the law – any gambling operator that targets you must hold a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to legally accept your bets. The internet is a big place, and slot sites from overseas can just as easily target players in the UK as anywhere. 

In fact, there’s even evidence to suggest some foreign unlicensed slot sites are specifically marketing to UK players in a bid to lure them away from the regulated sector.

UK players aren’t protected by other regulators

Don't play at a slot site that isn't licensed by the UKGC – you will not have the necessary protections. If a slot site doesn’t hold a UK licence, you’re not covered by any of the UK gambling or consumer laws that apply to licenced operators. 

The UK regime is amongst the strictest in the world for slot sites and ensures you’re treated fairly whenever you gamble. 

Whilst jurisdictions like the Malta Gaming Authority also has a good reputation for gambling regulation, it won’t help UK slots fans who run into problems. A recent amendment to the Maltese gaming laws called Bill 55 protects MGA licence holders from any foreign liability.

Spammy marketing techniques

Spammy marketing techniques are another giveaway that you could be dealing with a dodgy slot site. Promotional emails that end up in your inbox, or invitations from websites you’ve never heard of are usually signs to steer well clear. 

Consider that legitimate operators spend millions on marketing through official channels – sports sponsorships, paid ads online, TV ads and the like. If you’re receiving a sketchy email from a site you don’t recognise, it could be a warning sign.

When something is written poorly – bad spelling, messily laid out and with terrible grammar and punctuation – it's also a warning sign. 

Suspiciously generous welcome bonuses

We’ve all seen welcome bonuses that promise the earth – deposit £100, get £10,000 in welcome bonuses. This is a massive red flag. Everybody loves a good deal – that’s why bonuses work so well in attracting new players. But if you spot a smaller slot site that you’re unfamiliar with, and they’re offering you a stack of free bonuses to sign up, it could be an indicator of foul play.

It’s important to remember that slot sites and casinos will use bonuses to tempt you through their digital doors. It’s part of the industry and an important way new names become established. But ask yourself, is it too good to be true? 

Maybe the offer is large because there's no hope of actually withdrawing any winnings. Or worse, maybe your deposit simply disappears.

Do your homework before committing, and make sure you’re confident a slot site is legitimate before signing up and opting in. An easy research option is just looking at which slot sites feature on Slot Gods. We won't recommend anyone remotely dodgy.

Vague or confusing terms and conditions

Hand in hand with the welcome bonus are the terms and conditions. They might be dry, but they’re always worth a read. You’d be amazed at what you find in the bonus terms and conditions. From outrageous typos, omissions and errors to terms that would make your toes curl, the T&Cs are the place where slot sites aim to put meat on the bones of their offers. 

If the terms and conditions are vague or confusing, or they look like they’ve been written by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, that suggests a potentially dodgy site. A courtesy read can be very illuminating!

No slots you recognise

If a slot site has no games you recognise, that’s another red flag. Smaller game developers do exist, and it would be impossible to recognise every single slot game on the market at a glance. But there should be at least some names you’re familiar with – the likes of Age of the Gods, Gonzo's Quest, StarburstDead or Alive II, or Immortal Romance, for example.

If you’re looking at a line-up of games that feels brand new to you, there might be something amiss. Search for game developers by name where possible – NetEnt, Play’n Go, Nolimit City or Pragmatic Play, for instance. Do you recognise the slots developers, or are these all brand new names to you? If it feels different to the types of games you’d expect, you may be looking at an overseas slot site illegally targeting UK players – or even a completely fake site.

Slow withdrawal times

Slow withdrawal times are the scourge many slots fans and another red flag you should be keeping an eye out for. In some cases, it might just be a product of a less-than-ideal slot site, rather than a sign of something fishy. But there are definitely cases in which delayed, avoided and voided payments are part of a wider business strategy designed to keep you from your cash.

We veer towards recommending slot sites with faster withdrawal times – it generally means a better playing experience for you.

Unhelpful or unavailable customer support

When customer support is lacking, slow or downright rude, the red flags should be waving frantically. This is another sign that separates the wheat from the chaff, not to mention the legitimate from the dubious. Reputable slot sites understand the importance of customer support – not just from a usability perspective, but also in shoring up confidence and trust.

We look for live chat, or phone support, or at the very least responsive email support, with decent availability throughout the day. If it’s not there, they tend to fall short of the benchmark we need to be able to recommend them. We conduct a thorough review process of each site. 

We recommend…

Choosing a slot site needn't be a minefield. While there are certainly a lot of options, you are not alone in your search. At Slot Gods, we simplify the process for you, running the rule over the leading slot sites out there to bring you our recommendations for the best.

We only recommend those that surpass our expectations, living up to exacting standards that we expect as players ourselves. At a bare minimum, we only review trusted, reputable, UK-licenced sites. From there, we delve into the finer details to make sure our recommendations are transparent and helpful.

Check out our recommendations for the best slot sites in the UK – our rundown of the best of the best.

Simon Wooldridge
by Simon Wooldridge Last updated:

Simon’s long-term fascination with slots started with teasing 40p worth of change from the skilful spinning of 10p coins into a fruit machine in the last century. This has grown recently to a solid appreciation for the often dazzling artistry, imagination and mechanics of modern online slots.