Red flags to look out for when choosing a new slot site

Red flags to look out for when choosing a new slot site
Sam Gascoyne
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Warning signs to look out for when searching for a new slot site to play at 

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that there's LOT of choice out there when it comes to slot sites. Don't get us wrong, choice is a good thing, but there are quite literally thousands of sites out there, each seemingly offering players the same thing. 

Because of this, it can be hard to tell whether a slot site is worth playing at, or even safe... So in order to give you all a helping hand we've compiled a list of red flags to look out for when picking your next slot site. 

Spammy marketing techniques 

Beware of slots sites that have somehow found their way into your email inbox without you first agreeing to receive communications from them. There's a tiny chance that somewhere along the line you accidentally ticked a box, agreeing to receive emails from them, but more often than not these are sites that have illegally purchased your data from somewhere they shouldn't have.

Slot sites that spam people with junk mail are not the sort of sites you should be playing at. Instead, you should worry about how they got your email address, not whether their welcome bonus is worth taking.    

It is not licensed by a recognised regulator

Online gambling is a highly regulated industry, and slot sites have a serious duty to abide by the rules set by the powers that be. If you come across an online slot that clearly isn't licensed by a recognised regulator then you should walk away there and then, because in playing at their site you're putting yourself in serious danger of being taken advantage of.

Unregulated slot sites are not bound by any rules... Operators can get away with offering rigged slot games, unfair terms and conditions (that can change at any moment) and often have little to no customer support when something goes wrong. If you're stung by a rogue unregulated operator then you're not likely to see your money again.

You should be able to find out whether a slot site is regulated by looking for the regulator's logo and at the bottom of their site, as well as their license number. 

Hint: We only list verified slot sites licensed and regulated the UK Gambling Commission that we know to be safe, trustworthy, and hightly rated.

Their welcome bonus is suspiciously generous

We all love big welcome bonuses, however, there comes a point when you have to ask yourself is this too good to be true? More often than not, if something does seem too good, that's because it is. Bonuses are used as a way to attract new players, and if a slot site is offering shockingly generous bonuses to pull people in you have to wonder why? Especially considering they're hugely unprofitable for slot sites.

It's fair game for big-name slot sites to offer large welcome bonuses because they can afford to do so. But why are smaller slot sites going to such lengths to attract players? Are their games not good enough? Is their site unattractive or difficult to navigate so they need something else to wow players? These are all questions you should ask before choosing a site solely on their welcome bonus.

Their terms and conditions are vague or overly confusing

They might seem incredibly boring but terms and conditions are easily one of the most important elements of any slot site. These terms and conditions go into meticulous detail about anything and everything to do with that site, by clicking accept you're agreeing to everything they've written.

There's a real chance that an unscrupulous slot site could sneak in something into their terms and conditions that states they do not need to pay winners under certain circumstances (or something as equally ridiculous), so make sure you read before you blindly agreeing to them. 

If you truly insist on playing at a slot site you know nothing about (or is unregulated) then we urge you to properly read their terms and conditions. If they're hard to find, vague or over the top then that's a HUGE red flag.

You don't recognise many of their slots

When you land on the homepage of any good online slot site you should really expect to see some classic slots right away. These slots might not be brand new, but they're considered some of the best online slots of all time, displaying them prominently is just the done thing.

If you're not seeing online slots such as Age of the Gods, Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Dead or Alive II, Jammin' Jars or Immortal Romance then you should perhaps ask questions as to whether the site is truly worth playing at. It could be that the site just doesn't host slots from certain online slot developers, or it could be that developers don't want their games on that particular site.  

Unhelpful customer support

One thing we here at Slot Gods always do when we're checking out a brand new slot site is to get in touch with customer support. Even if we don't have a specific issue, we like to know that their support team is on hand to help us with any given issue should it actually arise.

If a site doesn't offer a decent live chat that's available for at least 12 hours a day then we're always a little bit dubious. There's nothing worse than a slot site that only offers customer support via email... Especially when it takes hours, days and even weeks to get a response.

If you don't see any easy way of getting in touch with someone when first checking out a slot site, get out of there!  

Slow payment times

Major slot sites will often boast fast withdrawal times due to the fact they support major debits cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. If you come across a slot site that isn't offering speedy payouts then you should question why that is in this day and age.

Slow payouts are certainly suspect, especially because this gives players the opportunity to reverse their withdrawal and play some more if they so wish... Something the operator would love to see, as it means they could claw some winnings back.  

We recommend...

Of course, shouldn't need to worry about choosing a new slot site, as we've done all the hard work for you and would only recommend sites that are safe, trustworthy, have a good selection of top-end games, and are easy to deal with.

Below are our most highly recommended slot sites we're certain you'll enjoy. They're all licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, have good customer support, and treat their players fairly:-

Sam Gascoyne
Last updated on by Sam Gascoyne

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