How to host your own casino night

How To Host Your Own Casino Night Hero
Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Create your perfect casino night in your own home!

Everyone has dreamed about going to a glamorous casino with their friends and getting dressed up - but not everyone has access to casinos. Of course, there’s always the option to create your own fun and make your own casino night with your friends.

All of the thrills and delights of casinos can be brought into your home at your leisure. You can even adapt the night to fit whatever you want with the entertainment being decided by you.

Here are a few pointers to ensure that your casino night goes off smoothly.

Pick a theme

It helps by initially picking a theme for the party, so you have a specific topic to plan around. For instance, you could set the theme around Casino de Monte-Carlo and have an upmarket casino party. The dress code could fit around this theme and encourage your guests to dress in their best outfits.

After picking your theme and knowing what you are aiming for, you can then decide on a budget for the party. This means that you can plan for all the decorations you need and what sort of casino games you’ll be playing. For example, if you are wanting to go for online slots, you know that you will need to set up laptops or tablets around your house to load up slots online. If you are struggling with ideas, check out these gambling movies for some inspiration to get you started.

Prepare the venue

Once you’ve decided on your theme and your budget, you can start arranging the refreshments. Make sure that you have food and drinks for your guests to evoke a feeling of being at the casino. To ensure that everyone feels like a VIP and has had their needs met, prepare refreshments that cater to them. This could include non-alcoholic drinks for teetotal guests and making sure that no one is allergic to any of the food.

After the refreshments are prepared, make sure that you decorate your house with all of the right things. To make the night feel more authentic, decorate your house with some glitz and glamour. You could even add in casino themed props such as dice or cards to make your guests feel like they’ve been transported to the casino.

Finally, make sure that the music is suitable for the night. Don’t forget an energising playlist with gambling inspired songs or even just tracks that will boost up the mood of the room. There is nothing worse at a party than awkward silence - so ensure that there is something decent playing!

Make it professional

Now you’ve planned and prepared the venue for the night, it’s time to focus on making it feel even more authentic. Remove anything unnecessary from the gaming area for the night such as washing or anything else that would ruin the mood. You wouldn’t expect to see dirty dishes at a Las Vegas casino.

Make sure that you have knowledgeable dealers for certain games and even consider hiring one. It’ll completely transform your night from a little game night to something epic. If you budget right and have the funds, you could even hire a bartender to make it more official. Not only that, but professional bartenders know how to mix drinks without overdoing it - so you won’t have too many inebriated guests.

Enjoy yourself

Of course, it's essential to plan to make sure that the night goes off with a bang - but the most important thing is to have fun. The aim of the casino night is to have a good time with your friends and to do something different that will be fondly remembered.

It may not all go according to plan, but it'll be a night unlike any other. As long as you follow these pointers, you'll have a marvellous casino night!

Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

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