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Rick and Morty Slots

Based on the hugely popular and clever TV show created by Dan Harmon, the Rick and Morty slot series definitely have a lot to live up to. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, it has explosive artwork, hilarious sounds and wild gameplay that’ll make the creators proud. Each game even features the chance for players to win 50,000x their initial stake.

Travel Around Time And Space With Rick And Morty

Ever wanted to join your favourite grandfather and grandson duo as they go on adventures across the universe? Now you can with the Rick and Morty slot series developed by Blueprint Gaming. The first game in the series, Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, excited fans across the globe as it combined everything that’s great in the show and made a fun game out of it.

After the success of the first game, they decided to give it the Megaways makeover it deserved in 2020. Rick and Morty: Megaways gave players even more ways to win. Grab your Fleeb Juice and get ready to party with Rick and Morty.

Fans Will Love It

Featuring voices and music from the show, the Rick and Morty slot series feels like a true game for the fans. It doesn’t feel like a cheap cash grab, as the voices, the environment and the gameplay are just as wacky as the show. There’s even a feature called Pickle Rick Spins that is just priceless when activated.

A Winning Chance

Thankfully, the developers gave players a great chance at actually winning. The RTP is above the average on each game in the series which means that you have an even better chance at winning 50,000x your initial stake. That’s right, every Rick and Morty slot game has the max potential win of 50,000x your bet. So you can easily get ‘schwifty’ with that.

Cool Features

From the Pickle Rick Spins to the Vindicators Free Spins, there are so many invigorating features to spice up your game. It’s clear that Blueprint Gaming put so much time and effort into making the Rick and Morty slot series something that’s in line with the show’s looney aesthetic.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

There are so many TV/Movie themed slots out there, but none as exciting as the Rick and Morty series. It’ll take you on a bizarre journey that you'll never forget - plus the chance to win some tasty prices. There is no real way to describe this series, you are better experiencing the craziness for yourself.