Our rating:
Developer: RAW iGaming
Release date: 22nd Sep 2022
Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 95.56%
Max Payout: 25,000x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 10.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Themes: Irish, WTF
Jackpot: No

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Journey out into the countryside of Ireland to uncover the mystery of Lucky McGee and his SuperSlice Swirl. RAW iGaming’s SuperSlice is in full swing in this slot with a multitude of features from free spins to pachinko features.

Evidently, all of these features deliver a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere. This paired with the charming Irish theme and the amazing maximum win of 25,000x stake makes Lucky McGee’s Superslice Swirl one Irish slot not to miss.

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Our Rating

“Find the rainbow and the lucrative pot of gold at the end!”

4.3 out of 5

Win potential

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl Screenshots

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Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl Features

With a RAW iGaming slot, you can be sure that the game will be filled with thrilling features. There are 8 different features throughout this slot including free spins and respins to name just a few.

It’s worth mentioning that there are no reels or paylines in this slot. Instead, there is the SuperSlice Wheel that spins to decide on the outcome leading to cash prizes, features or nothing at all.

Bonus Rounds

There are even prizes on losing spins as Lucky the leprechaun helps out. If Lucky helps, then he will give coins or trigger Lucky Respins. When the respin happens, Lucky awards a respin on a missed spin to try and win again with added multipliers.

During the game, landing on a pot symbol adds to the progress meter. Bronze, silver and gold pots add coins. Once there are enough coins, the game will notify the player that a feature is available and can be selected from the clouds on the left.

Lucky’s Pachinko can be selected by obtaining enough coins (578) and selecting the cloud. You pick a leprechaun to begin the feature and then the leprechaun drops coins to determine what the cash prizes will be. Thankfully, there are multipliers by x2 to x3.

Once you’ve obtained 1982 coins, then the free spins round can be selected. You click on that specific cloud and then spin 3 other wheels to determine the conditions of the mode. One determines the multiplier, the second determines the number of spins and the third sets the number of slices on the wheel.

In addition to free spins, there is Lucky’s Rainbow Spins which can be activated once there are 2682 coins. This feature uses a unique wheel with each slice containing a multiplier, step-up or collect feature. Evidently, this wheel can deliver the biggest wins of up to 25,000x stake.

Additional features

Not content with all of these features, the developers also added the unique ClusterSpin. This is where you get to choose the bet on the outcome of a group of spins. It all begins by selecting the number of ClusterSpins, then deciding the ante bet and then if you’ll win or lose the game.

Non-UK players will also find a Bonus Rush feature which essentially acts as a bonus buy. This allows players to buy the free spins round, Rainbow Spins or even Super Rainbow Spins.

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl - SuperSlice


Unlike most other online slots, this game contains a wheel instead of reels and paylines. The wheel spins throughout to determine the outcome leading to cash prizes, special features or nothing at all.

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl - Free Spins

Free Spins

During the base game, coins are collected and managing to obtain 1982 coins will activate the free spins. There are three different wheels before the round starts to determine spins, multipliers and slices.

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl - Rainbow Spins

Rainbow Spins

Alongside free spins, there are Rainbow Spins that can be triggered by gaining 2682 coins. This mode contains a special wheel that has multipliers, step-ups and collect features leading to wins of up to 25,000x stake.

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl - Lucky's Pachinko

Lucky's Pachinko

Are you wanting something completely different in an online slot? Then, how about the Lucky Pachinko feature that is gained by obtaining 578 coins leading to a pachinko style mini-game where coins are dropped?

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl - ClusterSpin


If all else fails, you can always use ClusterSpins to bet against yourself. When this mode is selected, you can pick the number of spins, bet and if you are going to win or lose meaning that losses are not the end!

Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl Review

Irish slots are inescapable within the online slot world as it’s a staple that just never seems to go away. There are some good ones but the majority are just absolutely awful. RAW iGaming is one of the few slot developers that decided enough is enough and created the marvellous Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice.

Putting its own unique stamp on the theme, Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl shakes up everything you know about online slots. There are no reels, no paylines and nothing traditional about this slot in the slightest.

Using the original SuperSlice mechanic, this game uses a wheel throughout. Every move is decided by the spin of the SuperSlice wheel! All this combined with a charming design and endless features makes Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl one not to miss.


Strangely enough, there is a tasteful design to this slot that we did not expect upon playing. The game opens up with a glimpse of a quiet little town in Ireland with cute cottages and greenery everywhere.

Next to the wheel, is Lucky McGee himself in a traditional leprechaun get-up. It’s exactly what you’d expect for a leprechaun but the design is quite charming. He is thankfully animated throughout the game leading to certain comments or support throughout.

The best thing about the design is easily the commentary from Lucky McGee himself. He sounds hilarious without being too annoying or cheesy. There is a jaunty Irish score to accompany this audio which fits the slot perfectly.


Lucky McGee’s Superslice Swirl is overflowing with features but thankfully none of them are too complicated. It all begins with the SuperSlice wheel with spins on every turn. There are no reels or paylines, but instead, a wheel that determines everything.

It’s from this that free spins, pachinko, windy respins and rainbow spins can be triggered. Once enough coins have been gained from the wheel, then players can select the relevant feature that is active.

To begin the game, you must select your bet level and then spin. That’s all there is to the base game. Once a specific amount of coins have been gained, then the features can be selected on the left-hand side.

Win Potential

Whilst the gameplay and design are above average, the win potential is definitely not. Unfortunately, the RTP varies between 90.01% to 95.56% with both of these amounts being under the average. It’s worth checking the slot site beforehand to see which version of the game is available.

To match the intensity of the wheel, this slot has a high volatility level. What this essentially means is that wins will be bigger, but they will not appear as frequently as low volatility slots. There are definitely big wins to strive for in this slot with the maximum win of 25,000x stake.

One point worth making is that whilst the maximum win is huge, it’s hard to achieve it. There is a very specific condition of obtaining Rainbow Spins and then gaining 25,000x stake through this. Despite this, there are other ways to obtain big wins and we found these wins quite satisfying.

Our Verdict

It’s safe to say that Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl might be one of our favourite Irish slots. Everything in this slot just works so perfectly to unleash an experience that can’t be met elsewhere. RAW iGaming has certainly delivered a simple but memorable experience with the SuperSlice wheel.

RAW’s SuperSlice mechanic is just wonderful to experience and constantly leaves you guessing. This could literally be the future of iGaming and we cannot wait. For an Irish slot experience that doesn’t hurt your senses, play Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl.

Play Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl at these slot sites

Jump straight into the action and play Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Lucky McGee's SuperSlice Swirl...