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When the studio was created in 2014, PearFiction Studios started off as a mobile game developer and soon transitioned into the world of social casinos. By 2017, the Montreal-based studio soon found its calling with real money casinos and started creating online slots.

After partnering with Microgaming in an exclusive deal, PearFiction Studios continues to strive even today with massive online slot hits such as Treasures of Kilauea, Dungeons and Diamonds, 15 Trident Swift Hits and Squealin' Riches to name a few.

Best PearFiction Studios Slot Sites

After searching the internet high and low, there is nothing worse than realising that you cannot find it at a reputable slot site. Or even worse, you've found it but the site looks a little bit dodgy.

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Best PearFiction Slots

Everyone loves a bit of variety when it comes to gaming and that's exactly what PearFiction Studios does with each of its slots. All of the games are incredibly unique and have stand-out designs and features that make them a cut above the rest.

Ultimately, the team at Slot Gods have collected all of the greatest online slots from PearFiction Studios and gave them an average rating out of five. Here are all the ones that managed to make the top list.

New PearFiction Studios Slots

The best games are amazing but even they can get a little tedious. That is exactly why people often look for the latest games to see if they can find a brand-new classic to play.

At Slot Gods, we are constantly searching for the best slots but also for the most recent online slots to give players the chance to find something new. Players wanting the newest PearFiction Studios slots have come to the right place.

A-Z of PearFiction Studios Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of PearFiction Studios slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free or real.

About PearFiction Studios

Many slot enthusiasts think of amazing online slots such as Squealin' Riches and Treasures of Kilauea when they think of PearFiction studios, but there is a lot more to the story than players actually know.

A history of PearFiction

When PearFiction Studios was founded in 2014, the focus was to develop casual mobile games with around a dozen small to mid-sized casual games that reached over 6 million players during the first two years.

By 2015, the studio released PowerUp Slots which was its first stab at testing gameplay theories and improving the social casino game experience. Amazingly, the game reached the number 5 spot in the casino category of the US iTunes by December 26th of 2015.

In 2016, there was a huge change for PearFiction Studios as it decided it was time to switch focus from mobile games to real money games with online slots. The first game from them was built and the rest is history.

A year later, PearFiction Studios formed a partnership with Leander to host four exclusive games on the platform. However, this was nothing compared to the agreement between Microgaming and PearFiction Studios in 2017.

They entered an exclusive game development and distribution deal. This is the PearFiction Studios that players love and know.

The future of PearFiction Studios

Since the creation of PearFiction Studios in Montreal, Canada in 2014, the studio has worked hard to implement engaging designs and innovative mechanics throughout the game. From the concepts through to the final product, PearFiction Studios does it all.

The ultimate mission for PearFiction is “to develop original state-of-the-art casino games that will stand the test of time.” The studio is certainly on track to completing this mission and slot enthusiasts have a lot to be excited for.