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Dead or Alive Slots

NetEnt struck gold when they created Dead or Alive! Slot enthusiasts around the world immediately fell in love with this atmospheric 5-reel slot series set in the American Wild West. Not even villainous Outlaws Billy the Kid and Jesse James (who both make appearances in this series) could scare players off playing these fantastic slots. In true NetEnt fashion, this series has only gotten better over time, with Dead or Alive II often heralded for allowing players the opportunity to win 111,111x their initial stake.

About Dead or Alive Slots

Love the raw, gritty intensity of the Wild West? If you’re looking for an outlet to channel your inner gunslinger then the Dead or Alive series of online slots are just what you’re looking for.

It hardly comes as a surprise to any of us that NetEnt, the most famous and renowned online slot developer in the world today has accurately replicated the same sense of tension and excitement in their online slots as a Clint Eastwood Western does. 

Both instalments of the Dead or Alive series are considered truly iconic by enthusiasts around the globe thanks to a multitude of reasons including the gorgeous design, compelling bonus features and mechanics and absolutely mind-boggling win potential.