8 of the best gambling destinations from around the world

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Hero
Sam Gascoyne
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The world's most popular destinations renowned for gambling and casinos

Looking to hit the airport and board a plane somewhere new and exciting for a week or two of rest, relaxation and gambling? We've got you covered! 

Here at Slot Gods we've got our finger on the pulse of the gambling world, on the face of things it might seem like we're just about online slots and casinos, but we do know our way around a real brick and motor casino! Here are our picks for the 8 best gambling destinations from around the world.   

Las Vegas - United States

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Las Vegas

Could we have started this list with any other city than Las Vegas? Personally, we don't think so! This weird and wonderful US gambling hotspot is known for being the city of sin, perfectly moulded to satisfy the needs and desires of keen gamblers from around the globe. 

Las Vegas plays host to hundreds of world-famous casinos (the most casinos in the world) such as Ceasars Palace, The Bellagio, The Venetian and the MGM Grand, just to name a few of the iconic resorts that have helped give Las Vegas its truly legendary status over the years.

There's quite simply no limit on how much you can bet and what you can bet on when in Vegas. It doesn't matter whether you're a high roller looking to play the best slots and table games, or if you're just a passing tourist that just wants a few spins on penny slots for the novelty of it, there truly is something for everyone here. 

Atlantic City - United States 

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Atlantic City

The second-largest gambling destination in the United States, considered the gambling capital of the east coast is next on our list. Atlantic City in New Jersey offers keen bettors the opportunity to play their favourite casino games in a city that isn't quite as intense as Las Vegas.

The Garden State might not be the powerhouse it once was in years gone by, but it's still an incredibly popular destination as far as gambling goes. Players can stroll the floors and play their favourite games at popular resorts such as the Golden Nugget, Caesars, Borgata, Bally's and The Tropicana.

Despite not being quite the jewel that Las Vegas is, with legalised sports betting and slot sites, there's always going to be a strong market for gambling in New Jersey. 

Monte Carlo - Monaco

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Mote Carlo

Monte Carlo is the epitome of class and sophistication, if you're visiting this micro-state to gamble then you're certainly doing something right in life. Ultimately Monaco is primarily known for two things, the Formula One Grand Prix and their extravagant casinos.

The three casinos in Monte Carlo are the Casino de Monte-Carlo, Casino Café de Paris and the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino. The first of these was built in the 1800s by Charles III, Prince of Monaco to lure in wealthy foreigners who would help solve Monaco's financial problems (spoiler alert: they did).

If you can afford to visit then we highly doubt you'll find a more luxurious and niche gambling experience anywhere else in the world.

Aruba - Caribbean

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Aruba

Birthplace of Caribbean Stud Poker, Aruba, also known as the 'Vegas of the Caribbean' is an exotic island paradise that plays host to a large number of impressive casino resorts including the Crystal Casino, Hyatt Regency Casino and the Stellaris Casino. With year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and friendly locals there's a reason so many people choose to travel to this little piece of heaven. 

Macau - China

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Macau

The city of Macau, dubbed the Monte Carlo of the Orient, is the only place where Chinese residents can gamble legally and is a very popular destination for tourists from around the world. This special administrative region of China is home to over 40 casinos, with over half of them operating under STDM, a monopoly run by Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho.  

Amazingly, Macau overtook the Las Vegas Strip in gambling revenues in 2007, signalling a huge unprecedented shift in the casino world. Popular casinos in Macau include The Venetian Macao, Sands Macao and the MGM Macau and Casino Lisboa. 

Singapore - Asia

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Singapore

Casinos might be few and far between in Singapore (there are just three in total) but this isn't a gambling destination you should sleep on. The first casino in Singapore, the Resorts World Sentosa Casino was opened in 2006 and this was followed by the ultra-luxurious Marina Bay Sands Casino. 

Strangely, the third casino in Singapore is actually onboard a cruise ship, the Aegean Paradise. Visitors can book a single evening on the ship, or they can extend it to a much longer stay... So if you'd like to combine a holiday on the water with gambling then you should consider booking a stay on the Aegean Paradise Crusie.

London - England

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World London

It's really no secret that those living in the United Kingdom are absolutely mad about gambling in practically every form, it's practically a paradise for those wanting to gamble freely. It only makes sense that we recommend London as a prime gambling destination. 

The casinos here don't boast the same over the top glitz you'd find in Las Vegas or Macau, instead, you'll find a combination of class and elegance you can find in Monte Carlo and your run-of-the-mill chain casinos that everyone can enjoy.

If you're after an upmarket London casino we'd recommend Maxim's Casino, Aspinall's and Crockfords. If you're looking for a nice casino that will still allow you to place small wagers then the London Hippodrome and The Empire Casino on the iconic Leicester Square are great options.

Nassau - Bahamas

8 Of The Best Gambling Destinations From Around The World Nassau

If warm white sand and tranquil blue sea appeal to you then Nassau in the Bahamas should be the next gambling destination on your list. Like other top island locations, there's not a whole host of casinos for players to visit, however, the casinos that are on offer are absolutely incredible. 

Visitors can opt to play at the Atlantis Casino which is widely considered to be one of the Caribbean's best casinos, or they can play at the Baha Mar Casino, one of the Caribbean's most luxurious casinos, just a few steps from Nassau's Cable beach.  

Sam Gascoyne
by Sam Gascoyne Last updated:

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