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When Australian slot developer, Boomerang Studios, was founded in one could've imagined the innovative mechanics and slots that it would release. Created by a group of industry veterans with over 23 years of experience, Boomerang Studios was always destined for greatness and managed to deliver in seamlessly.

The studio is most well-known for mechanics such as Side Strike, Boom+ and Connecta Ways as well as for working with incredible studios such as Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil. Boomerang Studios is clearly a huge player in iGaming and is on track to become a household name.

Best Boomerang Slot Sites

Everyone loves finding a brand-new game to play but there is nothing worse than not being able to find it at slot sites. Thankfully, we've done all the hard work for you and found all the best Boomerang Studios slots available at these slot sites.

Not only are the games available at these slot sites, but they have all been reviewed to ensure that they are reliable, trusted and a great value (with added welcome offer bonuses!)

Best Boomerang Slots

When playing online slots, there is no shame in wanting only the greatest and the best online slots out there. Boomerang Studios is one of the biggest slot developers within the industry that is only going to grow in time.

Despite only being created in 2018, Boomerang slots feature unique mechanics, amazing win potentials and incredible designs. We've collected the best Boomerang Studios slots so that you play them right here without any hassle.

New Boomerang Slots

There's nothing more satisfying than finding a brand-new online slot that is your new favourite! Here at Slot Gods, we are constantly searching and finding the best new online slots.

As Boomerang Studios is easily one of the top slot developers at Slot Gods, they have an incredible collection of online slots and here are the latest ones ready to play right now.

Great Gaming Returns

Back in 2018, Boomerang Studios was founded by a group of industry veterans in Australia with a combined experience of 23 years in both land-based and online game development. Despite being founded by veterans, Boomerang Studios contains a youthful outlook with modern vibes over a simple premise to provide slot games as solid as back in the golden age of slots.

The slot developer studio prides itself on bringing back big ideas and bigger wins through regular releases of top-quality online slots across the world. After partnering with big studios such as Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil, Boomerang Studios continues to climb throughout the iGaming world to become a household name.

Unique mechanics

Boomerang Studios prides itself on not one but multiple new mechanics to enhance the gameplay experience. Players will find Boom+ in their slots to customise the gameplay to win a certain way as well as Connecta Ways that delivers wins by lining up any touching symbols to pay big.

The biggest mechanic from Boomerang Studios is easily the Side Strike that allows players to add an extra bet throughout the game to increase the chances of winning and usually leads to ridiculous high RTP that is often over 97% and close to 98%.

The future of Boomerang Studios

With over 16 online slots available across the world, Boomerang Studios is steadily growing as a name to be remembered. It is definitely not a company afraid to try new things to deliver a new type of experience to players.

As the company works with big names such as Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil, there is no telling what this studio will accomplish within the next 10 years but it'll certainly be a sight to behold.

Fans of classic online slots with a modern feel should not hesitate to give Boomerang Studios slots a spin. Try out the studio with iconic slots such as Gargoyle Infinity Reels, Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz and Treasure Pirates for a wonderful experience.