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Developer: Evoplay
Release date: May 2020
Penalty Shoot-Out Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.00%
Max Payout: 30x stake
Volatility: N/A
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet: 1,000.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Theme: Sports
Jackpot: No

Penalty Shoot-Out

Charlie Vogelsang
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Have you ever wanted to live out your football fantasy on a grand stage? Evoplay's Penalty Shoot-Out puts you at the forefront of the action with a dynamic instant gambling game.

In this game, you must beat the goalkeeper and score a penalty to win the prize. The choice is up to you as to where you shoot and how you bet leading to an incredibly immersive experience.

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Our Rating

“Football's coming home with Penalty Shoot-Out!”

3.9 out of 5

Win potential

Penalty Shoot-Out Screenshots

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Penalty Shoot-Out Features

In order to get started in Penalty-Shoot Out, all you need to do is select your team and bet level. When the game starts up, there are different flags representing countries meaning that you can pick the one you want to represent.

After the bet level is chosen, you then need to select one of the five points in the net and decide where you think the goalkeeper won't go. There are five rounds in each go but you do have the chance to cash out early if you are uncertain of making it to the end.

Penalty Shoot-Out - Country Selection

Country Selection

When the game loads up, there are 24 different flags throughout the game. You can decide on teams such as England, Spain, France and Germany.

Penalty Shoot-Out - Penalty Shoot-Out

Penalty Shoot-Out

To play the game, you need to select one of the five points in the net that you think the goalkeeper won't go to. Thankfully, you can cash out at any time.

Penalty Shoot-Out Review

It's every football fan's dream to score the winning goal that secures the victory. Sadly, not everyone gets to achieve this dream. Well, that was until now due to Evoplay's Penalty Shoot-Out.

This game is not quite a crash game but it's definitely not a slot finding the perfect middle ground with an instant game. There are no reels or paylines with everything decided by the goals.

Will football come home or will you be sent home in disgrace? The result is up to you in Evoplay's Penalty Shoot-Out.


It can be quite daunting when the game opens up, as you are faced with a goalkeeper and thousands of fans staring at you in the distance. There are flashing lights and a lot of pressure just as you prepare to shoot.

The goalkeeper in the net is quite general but thankfully animated which brings him to life. In the middle of the screen, there is the football that you kick and this animates as you kick it into the net.

As for the music, this game is exactly what you'd expect with an epic rock score playing throughout paired with the cheers of the audience. This absolutely brings the game to life!


When the game opens up, you get multiple choices including picking a team, setting your bet level and where to shoot. There is loads of choice but nothing is ever too complicated.

Around the screen, you'll find relevant menus from the play button at the bottom to the bet level. In-between games, you can change your chosen country by clicking on the flag symbol.

Win Potential

As this isn't a slot, the win potential isn't conventional and cannot be measured at the same level as slots. The RTP is 96% which is great for any iGaming title and is above the average.

There is no volatility throughout this game but there is a maximum win of 30.72x the stake which may seem low for a slot, but it's decent for an instant game. We actually found ourselves winning the maximum a couple of times making it more accessible to achieve this.

Our Verdict

Penalty Shoot-Out is not your typical iGaming title but it's one that will certainly entertain football fans. You are literally put in the hot seat of the striker and it's up to you to score to win the game.

Aside from country select, bet level and where the ball goes, there isn't a huge amount to this game. Players looking for an immersive football experience with some big wins should look no further than Penalty Shoot Out.