Our rating:
Developer: Stakelogic
Release date: 28th Jul 2022
Hola Frutas Slot - Screenshot
Grid Slot
RTP: 96.52%
Max Payout: 5,000x stake
Volatility: Medium
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 10.00
Reels: 6
Paylines: N/A
Category: Grid slots
Theme: Tiki
Jackpot: No

Hola Frutas

Alyx Tzamantanis
Reviewed by Alyx Tzamantanis Last updated:

Getting washed up on a tropical island isn’t all bad—especially not when Stakelogic is involved. They’ve taken the best bits about the popular island beach/tiki-themed slots and put them all together with a Spanish title just to make things a little bizarre!

Hola Frutas is a cascading slot that features free spins, multipliers, random row wipeouts and clever options to buy bigger potential prizes and trigger the main feature too. It’s bright, colourful and highly volatile. Hold onto your cocktails as the next winning wave could be a big one!

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Our Rating

“A fun and colourful slot with a ton of potential”

3.8 out of 5

Win potential

Hola Frutas Screenshots

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Hola Frutas Features

One of the biggest gripes that slot fans have with most high-volatility slots is how rarely wins land or the main feature comes around. But Stakelogic has seen to it that this doesn’t even have to be a problem again.

It’s a fantastic solution that’s becoming more and more popular. You’ve got 2 incredible choices to make when you play Hola Frutas. The first is to pay for multiplier symbols to land and the second is an automatic buy-in to the coveted free spins round.

But all of this does come at a cost and you’ll need to play for a while to get a feel for the game and decide what works best for you. 

Super Stake Option

If you’re playing outside the UK and would like to see the multiplier boxes land, then it’s going to cost you; double your stake, in fact. It is a big gamble but you can turn this option on and off whenever you like during the base game.

Plus they continue to drop during the free spins round too. So go ahead and give it a go if you’re feeling lucky. There’s no guarantee that a win or a multiplier box will fall but it could be worth the gamble. Standard multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x. Question mark boxes are a mystery multiplier with 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x values.

Buy Feature

To enter directly into the free spins round, you can simply pay at the door. No more waiting around to experience the buzz and excitement. However, it’s a tough call to make as the price is pretty steep. Again, this option is not available in the UK.

  • Normal entry will cost 100x your stake plus you get a randomly selected sticky symbol
  • Deluxe buy ins cost 150x the stake but you are guaranteed to get 1 of the top 4 paying symbols selected as your sticky symbol
  • Random entry cost 125x and gives you the possibility of getting a top 4 paying symbol as your sticky symbol but you don’t know for sure

Wave Feature

On occasions, you might trigger the wave feature after a losing spin. You’ll know when it arrives as a little orange turns up on a surfboard; because why not, right!? As this happens, the bottom 3 rows of the grid empty out and the rest of the symbols cascade down into place.

This gives you a chance to see more winning symbols join the party and potentially land a win.

Free Spins

The free spins feature can be triggered by landing 3 or more coconut scatter symbols or by buying your way in. Regardless of how you get there, you’ll always get 10 free spins to enjoy. Everyone gets a sticky symbol that stays around after each spin and grows in strength as more and more land.

These symbols pay with every spin until no more of them land. At that moment, the grid refreshes and starts again. Multiplier boxes are still available during the round if you have the Super Stake option turned on. And it’s possible to retrigger the 10 free spins if you get another 3 scatter symbols on the grid.

Hola Frutas - Wave Feature

Wave Feature

The problem with cascading slots is that they often get jammed up with loads of unwanted symbols around the bottom of the grid. When the wave triggers, you’ll get rid of the bottom 3 rows and have a fantastic chance to get some more valuable symbols in there.

Hola Frutas - Free Spins

Free Spins

Who doesn’t love a free spins round? Everyone gets 10 free spins and there’s even a sticky symbol thrown in to help boost your chances of landing a top win. If you entered while the Super Stake option was selected, then you might just see some incredible multipliers too.

Hola Frutas - Super Stake

Super Stake

Wins on this high volatility slot can be pretty immense, as you would hope. But there is a way to give them a further boost and it’s all thanks to the Super Stake. Double your stake is the cost and the chance to land multipliers up to 100x is the potential outcome.

Hola Frutas Review

Cascading reels with cluster wins are a nice break from the norm. They're becoming more and more popular all the time as they offer a chance to land a win all over the game board rather than along a fixed number of lines. It is an exciting alternative with big potential. While not exactly a new invention, it does help make this game stand out a little from the competition.

Offering players a chance to add a little extra to their stake and potentially see some mystery multipliers turn up is an awesome addition. And even though this game has extremely high volatility, you know that you've got a much better chance of seeing some wins when you're prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

The RTP falls a little under the industry average. Although the shortfall is negligible. RTPs are a great indicator of the payout potential over a long period of time. But when we're talking less than 1% difference from the norm, you shouldn't see it affect your bottom line in any obvious way.

You can play this innovative Stakelogic title on all devices ranging from PC to mobile phones. So it's perfectly possible to enjoy a top slot session in the comfort of your own home or while out and about. The fairly simple nature of this game means that you won't miss out on any important graphic elements if you choose to play on your Android or iOS device.


On the design front, there's a very familiar feel with the tropical island theme and classic fruit symbols all created to the highest spec. So even though the game feels a little old school, it definitely has a modern edge. There’s a classic, tropical soundtrack to help set the scene. But it isn’t anything original, unfortunately.

A couple of nice touches appear during the game. One of our favourites is during the free spins round where the frozen fruit symbols crack and disappear as the wins finish. Anyone who loves classic fruit machines and the idea of modern age tech can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Getting to grips with Hola Frutas is pretty elementary and if you've ever played cascading reel slots with cluster wins before, then you won't find this title too challenging at all. Those who are new to this niche may take a few moments to get their head around how the paylines are formed.

And they’ll wonder why it feels more like a game of Tetris than a slot machine. But the win potential is fantastic and it's all thanks to the clever mechanics. And the best thing is that you don't have to worry about anything. You simply choose your stake, hit the spin button and play for as long as you like.

There’s also an autospin button for non-UK customers to take the pressure off your finger if you are there for a while. And the games pay table it's pretty self-explanatory should you want to check out the winning symbol values along with info about the features while you're playing.

Win Potential

The maximum win has been set on this game at 5,000x. And depending on your choice of stake, this can be a pretty decent payout if everything goes your way. It isn't the biggest payday you'll ever see on a cascading reel slot. But it’s certainly a very decent opportunity with a maximum payout of 500k in your chosen currency during any one session.

The game's high volatility will mean that you'll need a decent bankroll to carry you through while you're waiting for the bigger wins to land. But the flip side of this is that wins should be on the larger side and compensate your balance as you go.

Games like this aren't for the faint-hearted and you need to make sure you have the budget to see it through. This means selecting your bet total carefully so as not to burn through the lot too quickly. The RTP is pretty much average so we don't see any cause for concern on that front. 

Our Verdict

We played Hola Frutas for quite a long time and enjoyed many elements of the game. We saw the features land fairly regularly and plenty of excitement taking place with all levels of stakes selected.

Overall, it's certainly worth taking for a spin if you like the holiday vibe and a chance to get your hands on a good amount of spending money.

Play Hola Frutas at these slot sites

Jump straight into the action and play Hola Frutas now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Hola Frutas...