Casino etiquette - The dos and don'ts of gambling

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Sam Gascoyne
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The definitive list of dos and don'ts when gambling at a land-based casino 

Perhaps you've grown tired of playing at slot sites and you're yearning for something a little bit more traditional? We understand that sometimes casino games are just more enjoyable inside a traditional brick and mortar casino, surrounded by like-minded players.

That being said, these visits can also be quite daunting, there are rules players must follow that are enforced by the casino, and even a few unspoken rules as well.

Etiquette within the casino as a whole is incredibly important to know and should be followed at all times, otherwise, it can lead to some sticky situations.

Things you should not do inside a casino

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of things you should not do when playing your favourite games within a land-based casino, many items on the list are common courtesy, whereas some of the items are in place as a matter of security.

1) Do not sit at a table if you're not going to bet 

If you decide to sit at any of the tables within a casino you should be betting at them, table-based games can only accommodate a certain amount of people. Sitting at a table and not betting is considered rude and you'll most certainly be asked to move after a short period of inactivity as there will likely be other players that want to play.  

If you want to bet sporadically, but don't want to commit to sitting and betting on the vast majority of hands it might well be worth betting behind a player instead... Alternatively, just stand and watch!

2) Do not try and hand money to the dealer directly

When you're looking to exchange cash for chips at any table you should either leave your money on the table in front of you and the dealer will understand, or you can slide it towards them, clearly stating the denomination of chips you'd like to play with. 

For example, you could place £20 on the table and ask for twenty £1 chips or five £5 chips to play with. The dealer will never take money directly from your hand.

3) Do not touch your chips once betting has closed

Once the dealer has stated that betting has closed all bets are final, there's truly no going back. You must under no circumstances try and remove your chips from the table or add any more. 

There are no issues with placing your chips down at the last moment before betting closes, but anything after this is a firm no go. If you were to do so you would likely invalidate that betting round and upset both the staff and other players and you would be asked to leave the table if you persist.

4) Do not try and take your chips until the dealer has finished paying out

Similar to the above, players must not take their chips from the table until the dealer has finished paying out winnings to the remainder of the players at the table. It can be tempting to snatch up your pile of chips as soon as you've won, however, you should wait until the next betting round is over. You can then choose to let your bet ride or take the chips, play elsewhere or cash out.

5) Do not use your phone at the table

Players must not use their phone at the table, this is for two reasons... Firstly, it's plain rude to text or talk on your phone whilst others are trying to concentrate on the game, especially when playing something like blackjack or poker. Secondly, it could be a security risk. Players could be using their mobile phone to count cards or receive tips from another player in the casino.  

6) Do not lose your cool when losing

The fact of the matter is that everyone loses at one time or another when playing casino games... Losing your temper is only going to make the dealer and other players around you uncomfortable, ruining the experience for everyone. If you're losing your cool when gambling you should question whether gambling is the right pastime for you.

Things you should do inside a casino

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of things you should do when playing your favourite games within a land-based casino, just like the list of things you shouldn't do, most items on the list are common courtesy.

1) Do wear appropriate clothing

This isn't the case in every casino, but if you're playing at a casino that's more upmarket you should most certainly consider dressing for the occasion. Most common casino chains in the United Kingdom are quite liberal when it comes to clothing, however, if you're playing somewhere more reputable or somewhere abroad such as Monaco, Hong Kong or certain casinos in Las Vegas then you'll be expected to dress up. When in doubt go smart casual. 

2) Do your research before playing a game

You're well within your rights to ask a dealer about the rules of a casino game if you want to play, but it's much better to head into it with prior knowledge of the game as not to slow down the game for everyone else around you. If you're really unsure about a game but want to give it a go we'd recommend picking a quiet, or empty table where it's just you and the dealer.

3) Do make conversation with the dealer

Whilst dealers are there to ultimately keep the game going, there's absolutely no reason why you can't talk to them during your time at the table with them. As long as you're being polite and courteous it should generally improve the overall experience.  

4) Do tip your dealer if you feel you've had a good experience

If you've won a particularly large sum of money or are leaving the table after a prolonged period of play it's genuinely considered polite to leave a tip for the dealer. This isn't the case in all countries, but it's the done thing when playing in American casinos where dealers may rely on tips to supplement their wage. Sometimes it's just a random act of kindness! 

5) Do set yourself a budget

It's recommended that you set yourself a budget that you're willing to lose before you've even begun to gamble, this way if you lose then you were prepared for the eventuality and you're not left in any financial hardship. This logic should be applied whenever you gamble, not just within casinos. 

6) Do have fun!

Ultimately everyone that chooses to go and spend time playing their favourite games in the casino and there to have fun! The moment that visiting the casino becomes any more than that then it's time to assess whether being there is the right idea.

Sam Gascoyne
by Sam Gascoyne Last updated:

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